New York City

Jenna, 18, musician, stubborn and rebellious. I was born and raised in Long Beach, NY and now live in FL. I play piano, synthesizer, and guitar, I also sing. I love tattoos and piercings along with art and poems. I'm pretty easy going and chill. Get to know me.


my hobbies include eating and complaining that i’m getting fat

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Anonymous asked: you are extremely attractive


Thank you! :) <333


how to get girls to like you:

  1. compliment their eyebrows
  2. eat them out

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"Dude I just want a beer"

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Everytime I get sad I watch netflix and eat pizza, at this rate I’ll be fat, with no pizza, and nothing to watch on netflix.

ughhhhhhh Stephen James is such a life ruiner with his looks ughhhhhhhhhhhh

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State of Flux by BillsExplorations on Flickr.

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